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IPL 2023

Fans engaged in black marketeering of CSK v KKR match tickets, pay homeless and students to stand in queues

Chennai Super Kings will play their last home game against Kolkata Knight Riders.

Fans standing queues for match tickets

Ahead of the Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders game on May 14, some fans were found engaged in illegal activities. Apparently, they are asking some daily wage workers, students, etc to buy match tickets. They are also getting paid for this. After acquiring the tickets, they handover them to the individuals who asked them to stand in line.

After this, the same set of people are selling the tickets at a higher price. For the unversed, CSK will play their last home game against KKR. On the other hand, it is believed that MS Dhoni will play his last game at the MA Chidambaram Stadium. There are many reasons for some to engage in the illegal activities.

Fan justifies his reason to buy tickets from black marketeering

Meanwhile, a fan named Srinivas Ganesan realizes that the way he is trying to acquire match tickets is unethical. However, he added that there is no option as the tickets were sold out.

“You can say it’s unethical and fueling black marketing, but that’s the only option I think I have to watch the match. I tried on PayTM Insider and on CSK websites but all are sold out. I have an off on Sunday and don’t want to miss out on the match. If I can get a ticket, paying 500 bucks extra, why not. The person I paid to is also earning something, it’s a win-win,” Ganesan told InsideSport.

On the other hand, a teenager explained how this entire process works.

“We are being offered Rs 800 to stand in the queue and buy tickets. We will hand them over, and those people in turn will sell them for Rs 5,000 each in the black market. This is the fourth match I’m standing in the queue for and for every six hours, I get Rs 800,” Indian Express quoted a teenager who was standing in the queue at 2:30 AM on Friday morning. The counter opens at 7 AM.

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