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Australia vs England 2022

‘Doesn’t mean you can still leave early’- Mitchell Starc’s Mankad warning to Jos Buttler

The rain-affected match wasn’t short of exciting moments.

Mitchell Starc Jos Buttler

The much frowned upon Mankading seems to have found acceptance in world cricket after unwavering Indian support. Ravi Ashwin, ran Jos Butler out in a 2019 Indian T20 League match after the batter gained an unfair advantage on the non-striker’s end. Ashwin has since then become a proponent of the runout and has spoken against the game going into batters’ favour.

Recently, Indian Woman cricketer, Deepti Sharma ran England batter Charolette Dean out in a similar fashion following which many England men and women cricketers criticised the player. What followed was a much-needed discussion around the subject with most speaking in favour of the ‘legal’ form of dismissal. Even those who don’t like ‘Mankading’ saw batters gaining unfair advantage as wrong and unjust.

Now, Jos Butler seems to have found himself at the centre of discussion yet again after being accused of gaining an unfair advantage in Australia- England third T20I match.

The incident took place in the fifth over of the match when Mitchell Starc was bowling to David Malan. It was when that Starc found Butler to come out of his crease and warned him of his acts. The Australian bowler appeared to say, “it doesn’t mean you can still leave early,” to which the England batter replied, “don’t think I did.”

Many tweets and screenshots however have since then emerged that show, the England captain coming out of his crease even before the ball has been bowled. Many on social media hailed Starc for abiding by the spirit of cricket and warn the player. Many however also called out the Butler for doing the same for which he has been punished earlier by Ravi Ashwin.

A tweeter user by the name Soubhagya said, “Mitchell Starc warns Jos Buttler to not to leave crease.” Why is it always an English player…..Always…!!!!Why!!!.”

As for the match, it had to be abandoned due to rain. The match was earlier turned into a 12-over game due to a late start in which England made 112 runs batting first. Australia struggled after coming on to chase the target as they lost three wickets at just 17 runs. Rain gods turned up again and the match had to be abandoned in the fourth over.

England won the three-match T20I series by 2-0.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Arpit

    October 15, 2022 at 1:30 pm

    You know, ‘Mankad’ing was never considered unfair play as per rules, but stealing ground by batsman definitely was considered so ( check the earlier rule 41.17- Batsmen stealing a run (which results in Mankading).Yet most seem to forget this fact and bowler emerges as the unfair one! ‘Experts’ like Nasser Hussain and Jos Butler need to read the rules before misguiding fans on what Deepti has done. They pose as if they are upholding the spirit of the game,just what spirit are they talking of? The spirit in stealing runs by whatever unfair means?

    What the ICC have done now is to cart the rule to the section of run outs, so naturally all would learn it’s a genuine form of dismissal. But no, Nasser Hussain still appeared to be not sure about it or so he said at the time of Deepti incident! What was he unsure of? His own debatable level of understanding of game rules?

    Stealing runs by leaving the crease before the ball is delivered IS the unfair practice. It has to stop, no amount of justifying it would make it fair.And yes, why is it always an English player…makes you wonder does it not?

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