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‘Bangalore please yahan jeet jana’ – Fans elated as Indian Cricket Board successfully sells five franchises for Women’s Indian T20 League

Adani spent the biggest amount of all to buy Ahmedabad franchise.

Women's Indian T20 League

The Indian Cricket Board on Wednesday successfully conducted the bidding for the five franchises that will feature in the inaugural edition of the women’s Indian T20 League. Earlier this month, the board sold the media rights of the tournament for a whopping sum of Rs 951 crore to Viacom 18.

Indian Cricket Board secretary Jay Shah on Wednesday informed about the successful bidding through a tweet, stating that bidding for teams of the inaugural edition of the Women’s Indian T20 League broke the records of the inaugural Men’s Indian T20 League in 2008.

“Today is a historic day in cricket as the bidding for teams of inaugural #WPL broke the records of the inaugural Men’s Indian T20 League in 2008! Congratulations to the winners as we garnered Rs.4669.99 Cr in total bid. This marks the beginning of a revolution in women’s cricket and paves the way for a transformative journey ahead not only for our women cricketers but for the entire sports fraternity,” Shah tweeted.

“The #WPL would bring necessary reforms in women’s cricket and would ensure an all-encompassing ecosystem that benefits each and every stakeholder,” he added.

The five successful bidders for the inaugural season of the Women’s Indian T20 League include Adani Sportsline Pvt Ltd (Ahmedabad), Indiawin Sports Pvt Ltd (Mumbai), Royal Challengers Sports Pvt. Ltd (Bangalore), JSW GMR Cricket Pvt Ltd (Delhi) and Capri Global Holdings Pvt Ltd. (Lucknow).

The Indian Cricket Board shared a picture, confirming the exact amount of money spent by all the successful bidders. Adani spent the biggest amount of all – Rs 1289 crore to buy the Ahmedabad-based franchise. Capri Global bought the Lucknow-based franchise for a sum of Rs 757 crore which turned out to be the least amount spent in the auction. The official names of all five franchises are yet to be announced.

The league will help our women cricketers shine on the global stage: Roger Binny

Commenting on the development, Indian Cricket Board President, Roger Binny said in a statement, “I congratulate the winners for making successful bids to own Women’s Indian T20 League teams. The league will give players from India and abroad a chance to learn and grow together. It will pave the way for development at the grassroots level with the inclusion of more women cricketers. I would also like to congratulate the Indian Cricket Board team for the smooth execution of the auction process. I’m confident that the league will help our women cricketers shine on the global stage.”

Meanwhile, Twitter was abuzz with reactions on the historic moment in women’s cricket in India. Here are some of the Tweets:





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