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‘Ban Indian T20 League’ – Fans fume over murder of cricket fan in Tamil Nadu as #ArrestKohli trends on Twitter

S Dharmaraj allegedly killed his friend after a drunken brawl over who was a better cricketer Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli

Cricket is considered a religion in India. The game has a massive fan following with people from all age groups following the sport wholeheartedly. The crazy fan-following also leads to several debates between the fans who are always arguing about who’s the best between their two favourite players. A horrific incident has come to light from Tamil Nadu where a similar harmless debate between two people ended in a brutal murder.

The incident involves cricket fan S Dharmaraj, who has been accused of killing 24-year-old P Vignesh, and both hail from Poyyur village in Ariyalur district. Police said he had allegedly killed his friend after a drunken brawl over who was a better cricketer – Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli.

According to reports, P Vignesh (26) and S Dharmaraj (21), both cricket fans, got into a verbal spat over the sport on Tuesday. Vignesh, a Mumbai franchise fan, disparaged Virat Kohli and the Bangalore franchise, which irritated Dharmaraj. The argument quickly evolved into a physical battle, and Dharmaraj attacked his friend Vignesh with a bottle, then with a cricket bat, before fleeing the spot.

“Both had consumed liquor. As per the initial investigation, Vignesh was supporting the Mumbai franchise in the Indian T20 League while Dharmaraj was a Bangalore franchise supporter,” Keelapalur police said.

“During the course of their debate, Vignesh had allegedly mocked Bangalore and Virat Kohli. Vignesh had the habit of body shaming Dharmaraj, who was a stammerer. On that day he had made some remarks comparing the Bangalore team to the speaking difficulty of Dharmaraj. This infuriated Dharmaraj who attacked Vignesh with a bottle and later hit him with a cricket bat on the head. Dharmaraj soon fled the spot,” officials said.

The incident has sent shockwaves across the nation as fans are condemning the appalling incident. Amid all this, ‘arrest Virat Kohli has been trending on Twitter as people are asking for justice for the deceased. Police have arrested Dharmaraj after a murder complaint was filed against him.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to this incident:


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