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‘A real achievement to spend a billion pounds and be this bad’- Twitter has a field day as Manchester United lose 4-0 to Brentford

With two losses in two matches, Manchester United sit at the bottom of the Premier League table; their lowest in history.

Manchester United

The once greatest club in England, Manchester United has been free falling from their peak ever since Sir Alex Ferguson retired from the coaching position some decade or so ago. A team which ignited fear in the minds of the opponent is now easily beaten by ones from the second division.

A change in manager is supposed to bring out a change in fortunes for many clubs but the United remains the same despite changing more than half a dozen managers in the last decade. A new manager at the helm in Erik Ten Hag was supposed to be a marker for their return to form, but reality had something else in mind.

Manchester United’s despair continues to grow further as they lose two opening matches to smaller teams in the Premier League. After losing 2-0 to Brighton in the season opener, the Harry Maguire-led team lost 4-0 to Brentford in their second game, which has shocked the entirety of the footballing world. Cristiano Ronaldo who has shown a desire to move to another club could do nothing as his team was embarrassed on the pitch.

Brentford who were promoted to the Premier League just a year ago came out with a positive mindset and caught the United backline off guard in yesterday’s match. The game was done and dusted in the first half itself, as the Bees scored four impressive goals in what has been United’s worst first-half display in their history.

In the 30 years of the English Premier League, Manchester United, before this match, had not conceded four goals in the first half ever. The most popular football club in the world has been poor for some years now despite spending a lot on players.

Manchester United supporters are taking out an ongoing campaign against their owners, the Glazer family for a couple of years now. The Glazer’s out campaign has been getting stronger as United continues to perform badly on the pitch. United supporters have proposed to boycott their upcoming match against Liverpool.

This loss has sent Twitter into a frenzy with many United supporters coming out with their sadness while the rest of the footballing fraternity laughs at the ironic situation.

Let’s look at how Twitter reacted to Manchester United’s embarrassing loss: 


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