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5 Youtubers who became Boxers and are earning in Millions

The unique genre of YouTube boxing is the conjunction of YouTube with professional boxing.

YouTube boxing

YouTubers have been coming out with various ways to monetize their life ever since the video-sharing platform came into existence. Earlier they used to do pranks, daily vlogs and other such activities that brought in a lot of views. To increase the views further, diss tracks and other fake fights were formed that would generate intrigue about these YouTubers’ lives.

In 2018 however, all changed when two boxers KSI and Joe Weller from the UK organised a boxing match between the two and thus began the crazy world of YouTube boxing.

Let’s look at the top five YouTubers who became boxers and are earning in millions.

Jake Paul (20.4 Million subscribers)

Jake Paul

Jake Paul (Image source: Twitter)

Jake Paul has emerged out of his elder brother Logan Paul’s shadow to become the best and highest-paid YouTuber boxer right now.

Jake Paul has so far defeated  Deji, AsEsonGib, NBA star Nate Robinson, and retired UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley in his boxing career. According to Forbes, the American YouTuber turned boxer made $45 million in 2021 from YouTube and his boxing career.

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