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5 Times the Indian Cricket Board grabbed headlines for the wrong reasons

The road for the Indian Cricket Board hasn’t been rosy all the time.

Jay Shah Virat Kohli

The Indian Cricket Board has improved leaps and bounds to become the biggest cricket board in the world. It now overshadows the might of all other cricket boards combined; such has been the incredible rise of the Indian Cricket Board.

While the positive work of the Indian Cricket Board is lauded by everyone all the time, the occurrence of some unwelcome and outright wrong decisions by the board can also not be denied.

Here is the list of five such instances when the Indian Cricket Board grabbed the headlines for the wrong reasons.

1. Jay Shah appointment as Indian Cricket Board Secretary

Jay Shah

Jay Shah (Image source: Twitter)

Jay Shah became the secretary of the Indian Cricket Board in September 2019, after winning the election. Many however could not digest the sharp rise of the son of Amit Shah, India’s Home Minister and former president of the BJP.

The controversy was so big that even Prahlad Modi, PM Narendra Modi’s elder brother called out the decision. In an interview with BBC in February 2021, he said that Jay Shah does not have any qualifications and significant contribution in cricket to be handling such a big position.

As the next Telangana Legislative Assembly nears several leaders including Harish Rao, Health Minster of Telangana, have asked Modi to explain how the son of Amit Shah, became the secretary of the Indian Cricket Board despite not being a cricketer.

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