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5 Cricketers who live a humble life despite great fame and wealth

The game of cricket often brings fame and glitz with it. These five, however, continue to live like a common man.

Moeen Ali and Rahul Dravid

Cricketers are some of the most famous and richest people around. Their fame overshadows many actors and politicians in their respective countries. Having been watched by billions of people throughout their cricketing careers, it is almost impossible for these cricketers to live a simple life after retirement. 

There are many, however, who take a back seat when it comes to facing the camera and are content with a life of a common man. In this listicle let’s look at five cricketers who live a humble life despite amassing great fame and wealth throughout their cricketing careers.

5. Moeen Ali

Moeen Ali

Moeen Ali (Image source: Twitter)

The England all-rounder is an omnipresent athlete when it comes to white-ball cricket. His bowling and batting exploits have made him one of the best modern-day players of the current generation. Off the field, however, the England southpaw tries to remain away from the limelight. When asked if he aims to bag the English Sports Personality of the Year, he said that he will be embarrassed if that happens. Off the field, Moeen Ali tries to give back to society as much as he can and often does political activism. 

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